The Webkinz Pets

The Different Webkinz That You Can Choose From Is Extensive

The Different Webkinz:

I am going to give you a list of all of the different webkinz pets that your kid can choose from. There are a lot of them that any kid would love to have. It doesn't matter what kind of animal your kids like because they have all kinds of animals available. Let me tell you about all of the different webkinz pets. One thing I need to mention is that some of these webkinz pets are also known as Lil Kinz. For the ones that are I will put Lil Kinz behind the description of them.


Alley Cat: This clever little kitty has given up the city life to move to Kinzville for good. This adorable cat is ready to be let out of the bag and into your child's arms. Lil Kinz.

Black and White Cat: These cats love to play games, learn new things, chow down and hang out with you. Lil Kinz.

Cheeky Cat: This cat only has one goal in life and that is to be devoted to you. This cat will love you forever.

Gold and White Cat: This cat has a heart of gold as well as gold on the outside. They love to explore and just spend a lot of time with you. Lil Kinz.

Gray and White Cat: This kitty's personality is as multicolorful as a rainbow. Lil Kinz.

Persian cat: This kitty has soft fluffy fur and a sweet winning smile. They love to lounge around, visit with friends, and even play a game or two.

Big Cats:

Leopard: It is a friendly, strong and faithful friend. They are usually found in the wild but this cat will enjoy some quiet time with you. 

Lion: They are the most regal of all the webkinz. Just because they are queens and kings of the jungle doesn't mean that they can't let their manes down, curl up on a couch, and have a tasty snack. Lil Kinz.

Tiger: This cat will not holler to be let go if you catch it by the toe. It will instead ask you when you are going to adopt it. Lil Kinz.


Basset Hound: These dogs are known for their strong sense of smell so they will surely sniff out all of the love that you have to give. Lil Kinz.  

Black Lab: These dogs are loyal, friendly and fun. They are great swimmers but they also love just spending time with you. 

Bull Dog: This dog has a big heart and a great sense of humor. They may look tough but there is nothing rough about this dog.

Cheeky Dog: This dog doesn't have a shy bone in its body. This dog has been retired from the collection of webkinz.

Chihuahua: Don't be fooled by this dog's small stature. All it takes is one look into its big brown eyes to see that they have a big heart. Lil Kinz.

Cocker Spaniel: This dog has floppy ears and a goofy grin that even cat lovers can't resist.  Lil Kinz.

Dalmatian: These are hard working dogs. Their mission in life is to make you smile. 

Golden Retriever: These dogs are water dogs so they will have no problem paddling their way into your heart. Lil Kinz. 

Love Puppy: This dog wears its heart on its sleeve and everywhere else too. This dog is seasonal. 

Pink Poodle: This puppy is not only stunningly stylish but it is also the sweetest pup you will ever meet. They want nothing more than to be your best friend.

Poodle: These dogs are known for the great looks, great taste and intelligence. Lil Kinz.

Pug: They will be the most loyal friend you have. They are sweet and cuddly and they love nothing more than to spend the day with you. Lil Kinz.

St. Bernard: They are faithful to a fault. They will brave blizzards and rainstorms to be by your side. Lil Kinz.

White Terrier: These dogs are extremely energetic, very loyal and friendly. They will follow you anywhere. Lil Kinz.

Yorkie: This fluffy puppy will surely win a place in your heart. Lil Kinz.


Clydesdale: They have an adventurous spirit as great as all outdoors. They have hearts of gold. 

Horse: They aren't just fast they are also a lot of fun. This pony will gallop its way into your heart. Lil Kinz.

Pegasus: With glimmering wings, a shiny pink mane and a magic all its own they are looking for a good friend to play with.  

Pink Pony: It would be practically impossible to find a prettier pet. This pony is guaranteed to dazzle. 

Unicorn: This animal is truly one of a kind. Legend has it that they live beyond the mountains. They are now here to find a friend to love them. Lil Kinz. 


Bull Frog: They have left the pond for good and are looking for a new home. The big bouncy frog is the perfect pal for you. 

Frog: They may be cold blooded but you will be sure to warm up to them right away. Lil Kinz. 

Tree Frog: This animal will leap its way into your heart. They will liven up any dull day. Lil Kinz.


Black Bear: This is one honey of a pet. They may look formidable but they are really gentle giants. Lil Kinz. 

Panda: They are known for their laid back attitude and gentle nature. Lil Kinz.

Polar Bear: They love the cold weather, ice and snow. They are intelligent and strong creatures. They would love to snuggle up to you to keep you warm and loved. 


Cheeky Monkey: This mischievous monkey wants nothing more than to be your best friend. 

Gorilla: They are very intelligent and gentle creatures and they know how to have lots of fun. Lil Kinz.

Monkey: You'll go bananas when you adopt this monkey but don't worry you won't be alone. Lil Kinz.


Rabbit: With its snowy white fur this little bunny is ready to hippity hop right into your heart. Lil Kinz.

Sherbert Bunny: Sweet like sherbert this lavender bunny promises to bring you the joy of spring all year round. This bunny is seasonal. 


Elephant: They are big and so is their love for you. They like to learn new things and they know how to have a good time. Lil Kinz.


Hippo: They have big hearts and lots of love to give. They like to play with a special friend like you. Lil Kinz.


Pig: This little pig doesn't want to go to market. They just want to come home with you. They are excited to go everywhere with you and have crazy adventures. Lil Kinz.


Googles: These animals are shy, mysterious creatures that live near ponds deep in the forest. They are sure to bring a smile to your face. 


Cow: They are creative, funny and super cool. They also love to play with you. Lil Kinz.


Koala: They enjoy the easy life and are always up for an adventure. 

As you can see this is a very wide selection of webkinz that any kid can choose from. There are animals of almost every type for your kids no matter what it is that they like. Your kid will be so happy to be able to choose their favorite out of all of the different webkinz. They can even collect them all if allowed to by their parents. They will definitely find more than one that they will want to own and love.  

Summary: There is a wide selection of animals that kids can choose from with the webkinz. The different webkinz will appeal to all kids no matter what type of animal they like. They will more than likely find more than one that they want to own.