Webkinz - What Is Their History And What Are They Exactly?

History of Ganz:

I am going to give you the Ganz history so you know about the company that is popular for plush animals know as webkinz. Webkinz are made by the Ganz Corporation which is based in Toronto, Canada. It was started by Samuel Ganz.  They have been in business since 1950. Today it is being run by the third generation of Ganz's. They distribute their products all over the world. Currently they have 30,000 retailers that they send their products to. Their main office is in Toronto, Canada. However, they also have offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The products that they specialize in range from giftware, fashion accessories, fragrant candles and home interiors. However, their most popular product that they specialize in is the webkinz which are loved by kids all over the world. They have come up with a very inventive and adorable way for kids to love and take care of their plush pets while learning at the same time.

History of Webkinz:

Webkinz was first made and offered in 2005 by the Ganz Corporation. They have a wide selection of plush pets that consists of 68 animals in their collection. They also have 26 styles of Lil' Kinz. There have been three products that have been retired from the collection to date. They are the Cheeky Dog, Cheeky Cat and Love Puppy.

They are very adorable stuffed animals that kids everywhere love. However, they are so much more than that. Not only can kids enjoy having a plush pet to enjoy but they are an educational toy as well. The webkinz site is an online gaming site that is educational for the kids. They are constantly changing and updating their site to make it better and more fun for the kids. In the summer of 2006 their members surpassed one million. This was accomplished all through the word of mouth. That definitely shows you how popular these plush pets are everywhere.

Webkinz are still to this day becoming more and more popular with kids and parents everywhere in the world. Not many companies can boast of having that many members because of the word of mouth from the customers who have discovered webkinz.

Webkinz Is Great Education For Kids:

There are a lot of toys out there that can say that they are educational. However, there are not that many of them that can say that kids everywhere want to collect every plush pet in the collection. Besides being the cutest little animals, they are also very good for teaching kids about responsibility. They will learn what it takes to take care of their pet by using the webkinz site.

It is not very easy to teach kids about responsibility. However, webkinz pets makes it very easy to do because the kids are enjoying their pets and taking care of them without even realizing that they are getting a good lesson for life. This is something that all parents everywhere love about the webkinz pets.

Parents want their kids to learn but not many kids want to unless they can have fun doing it. Webkinz has made it so much easier on parents everywhere to make sure that their kids have fun and learn all kinds of things at the same time. Not only do they learn about responsibility but there are also trivia questions and other things on the site that will help them learn all kinds of different things. The beauty of the webkinz pets is that they know what kids need to learn and they know how to teach them in a fun and educational way.  

Summary: Webkinz is a very popular plush pet everywhere. The company that makes them combines the fun toy and the website that kids can use to learn while having even more fun. You need to know about the company and the webkinz pets in order to understand what I mean.